Courses by Mail

PDHcourses: Courses in a variety of formats to fit the way you want to learn.

DVD Courses

DVD courses contain both audio and video and are similar to watching a movie. The courses can be played on either your computer or on your TV using a DVD player. After you have reviewed the course and completed the quiz, you return the DVD to us.

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USB Flash Drive Courses

Courses are delivered to you on a USB Flash Drive. Plug the Flash Drive into a USB port on your computer to watch the presentation. The drive is returned to us when you have completed the course. (Most tablets and phones do not support Flash Drives.)

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Audio Cassette Courses

Audio cassettes are sturdy, reliable, and can be played on any home or car cassette player. And, you can easily rewind the tape to review a section of the presentation that is of specific interest to you. Cassettes must be returned to us when you have completed the course and quiz.

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Audio CD Courses

Standard audio CDs can be played on your computer, a stand-alone CD player, or in your car. The flexibility of reviewing the course material in a number of places makes Audio CD courses especially convenient. CDs are returned on completion.

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Text-Based Courses

Text-based courses are provided to you in printed form. With text-based courses, the printed document is yours to keep. Therefore, these courses can be more economical since you avoid the return postage costs.

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See How the Program Works for instructions on ordering and for information about our program.

There are 4 ways to place your order:

  • Order online using our shopping cart
  • Download our Order form. You can print, then mail, fax, or email. Or, submit it electronically using the instructions on the form.
  • Call us at (214) 224-0445
  • Email us your order to

We will send the course package – which includes CD, PDF, or DVD, and a multiple-choice quiz to be completed as you progress through the course. For some courses, a workbook is also provided. If a workbook is provided, it is indicated in the course description.